Organic Loose Leaf Teas grown in Santa Barbara County, California

NativeTeas are wildcrafted on private and public land and also grown organically on private land in Santa Barbara County, California. Wildcrafted herbs are picked respectfully in small selective quantities using time honored sustainable methods.

These teas have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties and enjoyment. Teas are whole loose leaf and flower heads so that the energy is preserved unlike most teas where the leaves and flowers are ground up. All plant material is air dried naturally.

Tea Varieties Available

Hummingbird Sage

Mostly year round: - Comfort, esophageal irritation, help decrease milk while weaning.

Gota Kola

Seasonal: - Longevity and mental clarity.

Pearly Everlasting

Seasonal: - Lung and intestinal problems.


Year round: - Intestinal disorders, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, lower cholesterol, laxative, expel mucus, sedative, anti-fungal.


Seasonal: - Digestion, kidney and urinary tract cleanser, menstrual cramping, tonic.


Mostly year round: - Relaxation, lucid dreaming, poison oak remedy, stimulate appetite.

White Sage

Year round: - Antiseptic, skin inflammations, candida, staph infections, sore throats, colds, lung infections, menʼs issues.

Yerba Santa

Year round: - Excellent for congestion.

Yerba Buena (mint)

Year round, limited quantities: - Headache, toothache, mouthwash, tonic.


Seasonal: - Fever, congestion, rheumatism.

Wild Blackberry Leaf

Year round: - Vitamin C, diarrhea, throat inflammations, regulate menstrual flow, soothe stomach.

Mountain Mint

Seasonal, limited quantities: - Antiseptic, digestion, colds, fevers, headaches. (not to be used by pregnant women)